Moda Birklaus


Although you can purchase t-shirts and backpacks in my online shop, they are not part of my collecion. They are only standard items, found in many other online shops too, but with prints of my art on them.

I am developing a fashion brand which focuses mainly on everyday wear for men. The main draws of my clothes will be their design, the level of mobility they offer, and my aim to ensure production under fair working conditions. Hence they'll be made in Denmark.

I am working with a workshop in the town of "Ikast" in western Denmark, and after nearly  1 and 3/4 years into the project, the collection is about 60-70% done. The slow rate of progress is due to me only being able to put a bit of money into it every now and then, but it is going steadily forward. You can trust me to post 

updates here now and again.​​