Welcome to my GAMEDEV page. Here you can see much of what I make as an amateur games developer.

As of 6/2 2020, I offer "Untrodden Lands" as a free download on this website. Just click the "Download Game" button further down on this page to acces my drop box. Instructions on how to install it and play it are found in the "UNTRODDEN LANDS MANUAL" section (link on the left) in the form of a video series.

If you want to know more about "Untrodden Lands", you can watch the video I've linked here to the left, which details some of the development of that game. 

If you're curious about the games, come hang out in my live-stream, I play them now and again and would be delighted to show them off if you ask. Also, "STEEL STRATUM" is a multiplayer strategy game, designed to be played over stream chat, so why don't you challenge me to a 


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Untrodden lands