The main game screen.

Almost a step by step instructional video on how to download and install the game. It was made for YouTube and, as such, assumes that is where you are when you watch it.

Exotic plants & the basics of mining.

How to fight, one on one. And yes, I fixed the bug I discover in the video.

Weapons, magic gear, and banking.

Choosing your profession and distributing your skill points.


The game world map, basic game mechanic, and some beginner's strategy.

An introduction to the main menu of the game and how to start creating a player character.

The mechanics of poison and shrines.

Choosing a species and gender and how that affects your base statistics.

Getting robbed, the game.

A mere intro to the application, in which I tell you what type of game it is, and about the level of quality.

The "weather event" explained.

The "Running from/fighting wild beasts" mini game described.

A side note on the map.

Food and basic adventuring gear.