​This was my first exhibition in Japan. It took place at "Dorado Gallery" in Waseda, Tokyo, in April 2013. It was a lot of fun and I ended up making a ton of wonderful acquaintances and friendships. Once I had hanged all of my paintings, I noticed that there was a small empty space on one of the walls. To fill it up, I proceeded to make a number of pencil drawings which turned out to be quite popular. My ideas for pictures usually contain a colour-element, so I rarely do this, but I enjoyed it. 

From the 2018 edition of "Kunst for Alle" in Copenhagen. This time there were 145 exhibiting artists all in all. It was without a doubt my best exhibition to date, prominently displaying the ParaAstra concept and also attracting more attention than ever before. As a direct result of this exhibition I was invited to the Art Nordic event in 2019!

​Finally, these pictures are from the only exhibition I held in my very own studio. It took place in 2011, in Copenhagen. I only had that studio for a few months, because it ended up flooding during some unusually heavy rains that same summer (it was in a cellar). Several paintings, office furniture, tools etc. were completely or partially destroyed. After that, I decided to spend my money on renting other people's spaces for my exhibitions instead. Nearly all the people on these photographs are either close friends or family. I think only one person I don't know actually came on this opening day, but it was a wonderful experience. 

​These pictures are from a 2016 art fair called  "Kunst for alle" (Art for everyone) which is held anually in Copenhagen (and a couple of other cities in Denmark). The fair is large, attracting around 8000 visitors in one weekend and featuring over 100 artists. It was amazingly fun. Sadly, my exhibition in Tokyo was scheduled for the same week as this one in 2017, so I couldn't participate, but I have already applied for the 2018 edition. Fingers crossed =) 

​The only picture I could find from my participation in a 2012 art fair in Copenhagen.

From my latest exhibition in Tokyo, October 2017, at gallery "STAGE 1" in Ginza. 

Exhibition pictures

Photographs taken at the various solo exhibitions and art fairs that I have participated in through the years.