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​All paintings connected to the ParaAstra-project. Regardless of technique.

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Watercolour gallery

​All of my watercolour paintings, regardless of project affiliation.

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​Montagne Italiane

​Fairy Callendar 2017 gallery

​All the paintings used in my Fairy Calendar.


​My name is Niklas Björkeroth. 

​I make paintings in oil- and watercolour. It has been my passion for as long as I can remember. Writing has been a minor interest, a means to making comics for most of my life. But during the last eight years or so, as my interest in writing has grown, I have experimented with different formats combining text and picture.

Now it seems that I have found a form of expression that suits me better than anything ever before. It is taking form right now as the illustrated novella "The Illumination of Karen". The first of several works I plan to produce in a format somewhere between the novel and comic book, for they will be that richly illustrated. The text part is finished, and can be read on this website, but many more illustrations are on the way. Out of 16 planned principal illustrations I have made 2, and then there are another 15 secondary illustrations, of which I will make as many as time allows.

This story is only the first I've written which takes place in ParaAstra, a fantasy world of my own creation, but there are plans for many more. As I write more stories about ParaAstra, I will not only continue the tale of Karen, but introduce several other characters as well. 

​This is by far the most exciting thing I have ever done as an artist and it seems that I've finally found my niche. I hope you look forward to the development of these concepts a fraction as much as I do, because you are in for a treat then. 

​If you really like what I am making and want to help me out, you can do so by becoming a Patron of mine. Doing so will actually get you access to even more content. You can find out more about what that entails by clicking the link in the top left corner of the site.

​Finally, when entering any of my galleries, be aware that it often takes several seconds for the thumbnails to appear, so be patient. 



​With so much new content on the website, I've had to reorganize the layout quite a bit. I hope any regular visitors are not confused. All links are now on the right side (apart from the one to my Patreon page, which is in the top left corner).

Some of the links are entirely new, such as the "novella collection", the "YouTube-link" and the "exhibition photo gallery". In the novella collection I rearranged "The Illumination of Karen" into 14 parts, to make it easier to read. When you click on a part now, it opens in a new tab and at the bottom of each part is a link to the next one for convenience.

Remember that you can now experience "The Illumination of Karen" as an "Audio Visual Novella" on my YouTube page. So far, only the first part is available, but I will upload at least one new part weekly. 

Oilpainting gallery

All of my oil paintings, regardless of project affiliation.

ParaAstra #3