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Website last updated 31/5 2016

Welcome to my website!

My name is Niklas Björkeroth and I make art in water- and oilcolours.

You will find photographs of my art in the gallery links above.


I have just come back from a two-month stay in Tokyo Japan (where I go as often as I can) and have plenty of interesting things to share over the comings months. Most exciting are perhaps the THREE UPCOMING EXHIBITIONS which you can read about below.

Except for that there will be more pictures coming up on this website very soon plus a few changes in design.

I am also looking into the possibilities of opening a webshop here or link to a service where you can buy items like postcards, calendars, posters and the like with designs from my art.


"Kunst for alle" in Copenhagen 9-11 of September 2016.

This is a large art fair held annually in Copenhagen among other places. I will certainly write more about this as it approaches and also provide links if I can.

Two back to back solo exhibitions in Tokyo, Japan in 2017.

One of these is in a gallery called "Stage 1" and lies in the gallery saturated "Ginza" area of Tokyo. The exhibition is scheduled for 2-7 of October 2017.

The specific dates for the second exhibition have not been decided yet as the gallery in question only plans events 6 months ahead. It has however been set to be held close in time to the one at "Stage 1", most likely during the following week. The name of the gallery is "Dorado" and it lies very near the Waseda University, Waseda, Tokyo.

I don't know if I will be able to arrange any more exhibitions in between Copenhagen and Tokyo. It depends on many factors, not the least of which is time but granted that I would really like to achieve one more event for winter/early spring season 2017.