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Home to the art and  writings of Niklas Björkeroth

​ParaAstra gallery

​All paintings connected to the ParaAstra-project. Regardless of technique.

Website last updated 25/2 2018


​Montagne Italiane


​My name is Niklas Björkeroth. 

​Here you will find mostly photographs of my paintings and from my various art exhibitions. But you can also read my stories about Para Astra (so far, only one) a fantasy world which I created for the purpose of telling fantasy stories that take place in it.

There is also the "Hall of Honour" in which appear avatars of all my supporters on Patreon. So far it is in its infancy, but I fully intend it to become a "living" and entertaining feature for everyone to enjoy here on my website. A little art project on the side, if you like. 

​All but one link are in the "link-column" to the right of this text. The one exception being the link to my Patreon-page, which is situated in the top left corner. 


​In recent news, I have just sent in my application to participate in the 2018 edition of "Kunst for alle" (Art for everyone), a very large art fair, held anually in Copenhagen. I have already participated once (in 2016), and it was a fantastic experience. Fingers crossed that I will be included this year too.

Besides that, I have also added a lot of pictures from art exhibitions as far back as 2011, some from that very 2016 art fair mentioned above. 


Oilpainting gallery

All of my oil paintings, regardless of project affiliation.

ParaAstra #3

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Rhino Rider

Watercolour gallery

​All of my watercolour paintings, regardless of project affiliation.

​Exhibition photo gallery

​Assorted pictures from my various exhibitions

​Fairy Callendar 2017 gallery

​All the paintings used in my Fairy Calendar.