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My name is Niklas Björkeroth and I make art in water- and oilcolours.

You will find photographs of my art in the gallery links above.

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Here comes a sizeable update indeed:


Earlier this year I finished the first painting in a project I have planned for several years, 

"​ParaAstra" (meaning "Neighbour Star") is the name of my own fantasy universe and the projects related to it.

​ParaAstra is the world which most of my paintings in the foreseeable future shall illustrate and the stories which I write shall take place in.

​Yes I am writing stories. I have written stories for decades (comics and illustrated short stories), even made some very feeble attempts at having them published. But I have actually never completely finished a story with illustrations because I have always been diverted to new projects when I felt that it was taking too much time with too little reward for me.

ParaAstra is my solution to that because it allows me to paint and write what I want and also use those paintings as standalone artworks. I think many people who, like me, are primarily artists and secondarily writers will write their stories around the kind of things they want to illustrate and it is the same with me. But ParaAstra is the first world I have created in which I am excited to illustrate everything. In previous stories that I have written there have frequently existed parts or environments that needed to be illustrated but which I did not enjoy making but that is no longer the case.    

​Now I have finished the first specifik illustration for the first story that takes place in ParaAstra. I am currently writing the story having worked out most of the plot. It will be a short story about a woman named Karen. Once the story is finished I will publish it in it's entirety here on my website and probably some other places too. My plan is to make at least one illustration per chapter in the end. 

​However, I will most likely start writing more stories from ParaAstra before finishing all the illustrations for this first story. That is because I have many ideas for stories and several characters created during my many years of writing that I want to bring out. It is very likely that I will write one or two other stories before completely finishing all the illustrations for that of Karen. Then I think I will focus on finishing the pictures for Karen's story but probably make a few for the other stories in between. This is because I want to bring out illustrations/paintings of different genres here on my website all the time. Keep in mind that this is a project in the making and that I might change the details of these plans as I go and as I gradually understand what the people who enjoy my works want. 

​As you can probably see there are several steps involved in this project and I am simultaneously trying to find freelance work as an illustrator so the road is probably quite long. That is one reason why I will publish the first story as soon as it is written; it might take another year before all the illustrations for it are done. 

​The final goal of this first project is of course to produce a physical book with high quality reproductions of the illustrations together with the story and possibly some extra material as well.

It is a project that is already well on it's way and that I am enjoying immensely.  

​So, check out my new gallery above titled "ParaAstra" and see the first four paintings related to this project. Numbers two and three so far have no connection to any story or character and are mere "landscapes" but number four is Karen, the protagonist of my first story, and number one is the city in which she lives (I have not thought of a name for that city yet). ​​Except for the picture of number one the photographs are placeholders taken with my phone and therefore of poor quality.

​The paintings will also appear in the "oil" and "water colour" galleries according to the materials used in each.

​I would also like to point out that some of my older paintings might come to appear in the "ParaAstra" gallery and if they do it means that they are from then on considered to have been "canonized". This is because several of my earlier works have much of ParaAstra in them even though I had not yet consolidated those scattered ideas and some of the characters and places which you will find in that world are inspired by them.  

​Lastly: I have added two more paintings in the "oil painting gallery" called "Rhino Rider" and "Montagne Italiane". They are both several years old and quite small. Paintings I made for pure relaxation in between larger projects. These are actually good examples of older paintings that might very well end up as parts of ParaAstra. ​​

​Here below are a few pictures from my exhibition at gallery "STAGE 1" in Ginza, Tokyo, October of 2017. 



ParaAstra #3

Rhino Rider

ParaAstra #1

Me (on a "good hair day")

​Montagne Italiane

Arte Birklaus

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    Karen(ParaAstra #4​)